Wetland Rehab


Simon Clements: Garden & Landscape Design has been involved in this rehabilitation project since 2014 and in 2016 over 12 000m2 of hygrophilous grassland sods containing a wide variety of lilies, irises, grasses and reeds were moved from an area of the old Clairwood racecourse to another protected area of the Clairwood site.

Included in this translocation was an area measuring nearly 6 000m2 which was home to the protected Kniphofia pauciflora (Racecourse Lily). The patch was moved 500m to the protected area to ensure that this special lily would not be damaged or destroyed during construction.
It was important that the new, protected area should be properly prepared for the translocation; this included creating a hygrophilous wetland soil profile.
Great care was taken when moving the hygrophilous grassland to the protected area and every effort was made to carefully move the entire plant, soil and animal micro-climate of each sod.
Since the translocation, the wetland has started functioning like a natural system. Importantly, the protected Racecourse lily has flowered and seeded in its new habitat.